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Unusual Event Research

UFOs, crop circles, animal mutilations, secret space program, unusual military activity, sky quakes, MIB's. If it is unusual we want to hear from you! New this year we have a reporting hot line so you can call and leave a sighting report or if you had an unusual event that occurred in the past and want to share it with us. If you want your report to remain confidential, we will honor that too! We are always looking for old ufo reports, photos, books. Just drop us a message. And remember we are - Working with you on the world's greatest mysteries!
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Reporting Hotline

If you have seen something strange or would like to pass on a “tip”, please do so. Reach out and call: 810-637-8474 Or send us and email or fill out a reporting form and hit submit! Just follow the reporting page link.
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