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2010 REPORTS Hole Punch Over Alabama, USA                            Alabama, USA            July 22, 2010 2008 REPORTS Tampa, Florida Hole Punch Cloud                        Tampa, Florida          November 24, 2008   2007 REPORTS New Pictures of Hole Punch Clouds                     Unknown                     December 2007 Hole Punch Cloud with Satellite Overhead         Acadiana, Louisiana January 29, 2007 2003 REPORTS Hole Punch Cloud Over Alabama                         Mobile, Alabama          December 11, 2003 Hole Punch Clouds                                                  Gallatin, TN.                    March 4, 2003  2001 REPORTS Hole-Punch Cloud                                                   Rohnert Park, California May or June 2001 2000 REPORTS Hole-Punch Cloud                                                   Melbourne, Florida           November 9, 2000
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Hole   Punch   clouds   are   cloud   formations   that   appear   just   that,   a   cloud   that   appears to   have   a   hole   punched   through   the   middle.      The   clouds   are   very   unusual   and   look out   of   this   world.      I   do   not   know   if   there   is   anything   strange   taking   place   with   this formation but I post them here for your viewing.